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WiFi Borescope 1080P 5.5mm Inspection Camera, NIDAGE 11.5FT Semi Rigid WiFi Endoscope 2.0 MP HD Snake Camera for iPhone Android Smartphone, Tablet , iPad

Model NO.: RT-3.5M


Price: $42

  • The Newest Type WIFI Inspection Camera of NIDAGE: this wireless wifi inspection camera not only work with Android smartphone, but also iPhone IOS devices.
  • Compact design: this unique wifi snake inspection camera probe is only 0.21 inches in diameter with 6 adjustable highlight LED lights.
  • High Resolution wifi endoscope inspection camera: Featuring with 2.0 Megapixels 1080P HD camera, As a tool for remote visual inspection the ability to capture video or still images for later inspection is a huge benefit.
  • IP 67 Waterproof video camera: this wifi borescope can suitable for various types of environment, for example, low-light or dark area, damp or wet area etc. Furthermore, armed with bendable semi-rigid cable which can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place.
  • One-piece design and manufacturing: the wireless borescope has its own Wi-Fi Signal, there is no external cable or adapter needed, all you need to do is just to download and install the " HD WIFI " app on your smartphone and connect to its WIFI. After-sales service: we supply free lifetime technical support.



Product description


WIFI wireless connection, Built in 450mAh lithium battery, please charge WiFi box through DC5V 1A adapter.

Support 1 - 2 devices to be connected simultaneously to view the live inspection images or videos. 

Comes with three kinds of attachment (hook, mirror and magnet), can help you to find out any small object, such as rind or small screws.

Application in other fields: 

The planning and architectural community use architectural endoscopy for pre-visualization of scale models of proposed buildings and cities
Internal inspection of complex technical systems (borescope)
Inspecting automotive cylinders, fuel injectors and hydraulic manifold bodies
Used in the visual inspection of industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines, and automotive and truck engines. 
Used for visual inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means, or where accessibility may require destructive, time consuming and/or expensive dismounting activities.


Model: AW655
3.5M(11.5FT) Long Cable wireless Endoscope
Image Sensor: CMOS
Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480
View angle: 45 degree
LED number: 6 adjustable white LED Lights
Camera head diameter: 5.5mm
Focus Distance: 3cm-10cm (Fix focus, no zoom)
Working Voltage: DC 5V/2A
Waterproof level: IP67(for len/tube only)
WiFi Transmission Distance: 10 meter
BatteryCapacity: 450mah (charging about 30mins, working about 1 hours.)
Color: Black

Package Include:

1 X 3.5M(11.5FT) Wireless inspection camera
1 X Charge cable
1 X Set Accessories (include a hook, magnet and side mirror)
1 X User manual
1 X Carrying Box

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After: No